Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Head Space or My Life is a Musical

Every once in a while I fall into a weird head space. It's not a bad place. It's not depressing. Often it's quite enjoyable. Random thoughts fill my head, like, "Isn't is weird that weird doesn't follow the i before e rule?" I sing more. I snap my fingers to the music in my head while I'm walking. I may even dance. (Although more likely in my kitchen than in public. Trust me. Even though you can't see it, I'm dancing inside!) I never know what will spark such a state, nor how long it will last. In many ways it's not typically productive. I'm distractible and distracted, so regular work is difficult, but I'm also energetic and creative, even inspired.

Being in your own world is not unique in my family. (Can you say ADHD?!) When my oldest was young, I'd sit down in front of him, and say, "I need you to come back from wherever you are." Sometimes physical contact was necessary. One teacher, in kindergarten, actually thought he'd had a seizure because she couldn't seem to reach him until she touched his hand. Days of neurological tests later - nope. That's just the way we are. It breeds art and scholarship of all kinds. My father gardened. My mother is an artist. We are all musical and love working in theatre, either on stage or behind the scenes. We love history and science and mythology. We are geeks and nerds and fangirls (even the boys).

I'm in that space now. I can't focus on the things I think I'm supposed to be doing. I'm in another world. At home, I'm happily creating art light switch covers for my house. (It sounds silly, but something I've been meaning to do for a while now.) Each represents the occupant or the tasks of that room. Ours has our song and the places we've lived. My daughter's has Broadway, Mirvish Village, and London's West End. My younger son's - laboratory flasks and poison molecules. And my elder son - grammar and writing. There will be food themes for the kitchen, and the basement will be games. I'll keep going until the inspiration fades.

In the meantime I'm binge watching Supernatural, and setting up my new phone. I feel like meditating. It's nutty, but peaceful, and I'll take that any day.