Thursday, May 15, 2014

Springtime, Men & Short Skirts

Spring has arrived, and with it, joy for men everywhere.

Today I wore a dress to the office.  It's a cute dress.  The hemline is just below mid-thigh.  That's about as short as I'll go.  I can still sit in it and not be exposing anything that shouldn't be exposed.  I will pair this dress with two pairs of shoes depending on the weather.  Today I chose knee-high boots.  I call it my go-go outfit.

As I was leaving work, a gentleman exited his office in front of me.  When he saw me at the door, he leaned back to grab it and hold it before it closed.  I've seen him before, and I'm sure he would have done it at any time.  Today though, looking down, he smiled a great big smile.

Springtime- when men's hearts rejoice over  rising hemlines.

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