Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vacating and Coming Home

Preparing for 5 people to go away is something of an art.  Add in multiple countries, the length of time, and the fact that Jesse is staying behind, and it becomes something for which I need magic.  You see, I am the planner and the packer.  Sean will do things that lead up to the trip.  He was on top of the reservations and figuring out whether we need a GPS.  However, itinerary and packing has generally been my area of expertise.  Packing I'm on.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately this time), I left itinerary undone.  The result is we had a plan for our first day, and little planned after.

There was little incentive to plan a detailed itinerary.  Although we're American, and we live in Canada, Israel to us is also home.  How much planning does it take to go home?  As long as the right clothes, etcetera get into the suitcases we're good to go.

Fast forward 16 days. It's our last touring day. Tonight is Shabbat. After Shabbat we head to the airport (provided it's open.  Sean is hoping for a closure, but since Ben Gurion has never closed, it would have to be very bad.) Already 3 out of 4 suitcases are packed. Thursday's expedition to Yad LaKashish brought a number of items than need to be packed in a fuller suitcase. I probably need an hour.

Why am I so much more organized to leave than to come? In our last few days I wanted every possible second to savour my time here. Packing was to be ruthlessly efficient so as not to get in my way. It also helps that Jesse is already packed and with USY. Somehow, even with a packing list, we're bringing home 5 pairs of his socks, a t-shirt, long pants, underwear, and shorts. With all the craziness of fitting everything, I don't know how he smuggled in extra clothing.

Coming home is always interesting. Jesse referred to Kfar Adumim as "home." He realized that in doing so he was making a statement. Home is Toronto. Home is where grandparents live. Home is Israel. Home is wherever we are as a family. Tomorrow we'll leave home to go home. It's the home where the laundry and the cats await. It's back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We just got into the pace here, just in time to leave.

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