Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Conversations from the Rabbis' Table, January 21, 2015- Darwin & Rashi

You might think that the title of this entry means we had an intellectual discussion this evening. Alas, no. Our younger son  is currently obsessed with them. Each night at dinner, we are treated to a recitation of his favourite award winners. If you don't know the Darwin Awards, nominees must remove themselves from the gene pool in particularly fantastic fashion. Usually they are awarded posthumously. Anyway, you can imagine how the evening's recitation inspires us all to eat.

My family, all talk at once, sometimes with food in their mouths. Sean adds strange puns and movie, play, or book references. This then requires me to act as a rashi to their conversation, even amongst themselves. I often play this role, especially for Sean, translating his puns and references into workable conversation, as Rashi, supposedly, does for the gemmorah.

Tonight, additionally, Sean thinks he's in a Shakespeare play, as does our eldest, who performed Hamlet in a class at school today. He seems out of place in his vest and tie, with a sword at his side. The sword actually made an appearance, leading me to say, "There is no sword-play in the house," as my sons moved from the kitchen to the foyer in a duel, sword against arm.

I often wonder if others have dinners like these.

Erev tov.

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