Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kitty Blog #26 by Gandalf The Gray

I recently read Nora's words, Taking Over. She is misinformed if she thinks she's in charge. This harping on my diet has to be stopped. I admit that I do get some yummy food, but it's for my health. And Nora does not take my food. I allow her to have some. After all, it would be very selfish of me to keep it all to myself. I get special treats and special food. Clearly our people like me better. Of course I'd appreciate it if she ate a little less. I am hungry. I never get to go out anymore, well almost never, so there's no more snacking outside.

This new food is very good. Not only is it very, very tasty, but t also helps my tummy. It used to hurt a lot. I hurt recently when my people were away. Nora and I have very nice temporary people. They took me to the doctor who said I was to have my good food all the time. That helped some. What really helped was my people coming home. The temporary people feed and play with me, but it's simply not the same as having YOUR people around.

I do not understand what gets into my people. I like going outside as much as anyone (although that big space on the front side of the house is daunting), but there's a limit to how long anyone can (or should) stay outside. They really should come home for sleeping. I can't imagine what they do without me to tuck them in and keep them warm.

Last week, after a long absence, they came home smelling of strange cats. That is simply not okay. Nora says it's the cat smells from some of the people who visit regularly. She says we shouldn't worry, that those cats have their people, but I'm still uncomfortable. Anyway, they're home now. They seem love starved, hugging and petting me. I'll just assume they've learned their lesson and give them the attention they need. I scheduled 15 minutes shoulder-sitting per person, plus chair steeling at every meal. I'll make sure they know to appreciate me. Yeah, that's the plan.

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