Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caught & Released

Additional information-  It seems that my story was slightly off about Jesse.  Nora actually did get out of the house.  Jesse ran back inside to retrieve the cat treats.  Gandalf tried to follow when Jesse slammed the inner door, locking himself on the porch.  Thankfully Nora responded to the treats so Jesse didn't have to leave the house.

Best part of the story... Jesse understands how funny this is.  The morning following I reported the incident to our carpool (including a friend from school), then I blogged about it.  Jesse is fully aware of this and accepts it.  My revenge for being awoken at 1:00 AM is to tell the world.

Jesse's catch & release program isn't over.  Tonight he asked me to help get a spider into his jar.  After a few reminders to unlock the doors as he stepped outside (this time fully clothed), Jesse, convictions intact, had released the spider back into the free world.

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