Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lessons from Kick-boxing

I kick-box twice a week.  (Shameless, unsolicited plug)  Summit Karate is a wonderful place to take classes.  The entire attitude focuses on well-being, and the students and staff provide real support for each other. 

I began kick-boxing because otherwise I sit on my tush while my kids workout, and I felt I should do something worthwhile with the hours I spend there.  I've learned a lot.

1. Pain really can be weakness leaving the body.  It can also be your body's way of saying "STOP!"  Sometimes it's both.
2. Exercise can be fun, even when you're cursing your instructor.
3. Always have a support group.  These are the people you smile when you see, because you know they'll be suffering right next to you.  This could also be misery loves company.
4. It gets easier.
5. Easier doesn't mean you sweat less.
6. I really do hate sweating as much as I thought I did.
7. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle may weigh the same, but muscle looks better.  (It's been six months, and I'm only now seeing a change on the scale.)
8. If the instructor is a bit of a sadist, but makes you laugh, it's okay.
9. They're telling the truth when they say "the burn is good," but I still don't have to like it.
10. Hanging in there is an accomplishment, and it feels great.

As individuals and as a class we've developed relationships with the instructors.  Mostly there is Olivia and Gabriel.  Olivia focuses on legs; Gabriel on upper body; both on core.  Olivia is small, strong, and wiry.  She's like a small pit bull pushing harder and harder, but she's right there with us, so we answer the call.  Gabriel is more like a St. Bernard.  He smiles and cracks jokes.  I think he knows each of our breaking points, and that's just when he makes eye contact so we force ourselves to push on.  He's the one I most like to (and am most likely to) curse.  But no matter who leads us each day, what's important is that we get in there, and we push ourselves and each other.  And somehow, when it's all done, we thank them for it.

BTW- note to Gabriel- When you say "10 more, 10 more, 10 more," we know we're doing 15.

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