Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teenagers- Wow!

Someone will have to explain teenage boys to me.  Yesterday, like every Monday, I went to work.  Jesse, not having school, was still asleep, but put up with my goodbyes and the hug I insisted on giving him.

Fast forward to 4:30 PM.  I called to check in with him when I arrived at the kids' karate studio.  I asked him, "Have you eaten?" He replied, "Not yet."  At 4:30 PM what was he waiting for?!  How is it the 15 year old can empty a fridge, but also forget eat.

On the other hand, he's turned into quite the young man.  Although he makes me crazy (often), he's impressive to others.  Speaking to those who knew him when, they are always impressed by the changes in him.  Speaking to the head sensei at Summit Karate, he was amazed by how far Jesse has come.  At Jesse's start we thought Omar would be driven to drink.  Now, Jesse is a sensei in his own right, having attained his black belt.  To see him standing tall on the dojo you'd never know this is the same kid who somehow forgot to eat on Monday.

Teenagers- wow.

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