Friday, June 27, 2014

So Much & Yet So Little

Shalom from K'far Adumim, one of the areas outside Jerusalem named for the red soil in the area.  We can see Jordan from our window.

We arrived yesterday after a strangely awake flight.  No one slept, but we were all so excited it didn't matter.  What did matter were the 3 hours it took to get out of the airport. We were clearly on the wrong passport line (not for us, but for the people 2 in front of us).  An hour later we headed to the car rental place, with a stop for the washrooms and to grab some food.  What was my kids' first food in Israel? Hot pretzels.  We managed falafel and shwarma and some great pastries, plus ice coffee and g'lida (ice cream).

A busy day- the Kotel, LRT, Arab shuk, Midrachov, Machane Yehuda, and Har HaSofim.

We need to light candles NOW!

Shabbat shalom.

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