Sunday, April 3, 2016

DST Makes Me Stupid

So we're now a couple of weeks into Daylight Savings Time. I still have not adjusted. But it's worse. I'm not just tired. I'm actually getting stupid. Normally, I go through my day working, parenting, doing what I need to to do. Not now. I cannot focus. Pesach is coming, I'm planned nothing. I don't know who's coming. I simply can't think straight. Not only that, I'm clumsy. I drop things. I bump into stuff.
And I know I AM NOT ALONE!

I cannot understand how it is we continue to observe this ridiculous custom when so much science tells us it serves no purpose. We know more accidents occur. We know it causes problem. We know there are no benefits. (Don't tell me you like the light. Daylight is getting longer anyway. If you really like the light, lobby to have DST in the winter when we wake in the dark, and come home from school and work in the dark.)

And yet, it persists.


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