Monday, April 4, 2016

Snow Day April 4th, Reprise

April 4th should not be a snow day. April 4th should be away to begin cleaning out the garden. It should be a day to appreciate my bulbs starting to bloom. And so, today I cleaned up a section of my garden, clearing away old growth to expose the new shoots of my horse radish coming through the soil. I also lamented over my bulbs, sadly peeking through the snow, wilting in the cold.

Instead of planning my garden, or doing more cleaning, Keren, Gavi, and I spent an hour in a snowball fight, flinging masses of powdery snow at each other, and making a general mess of the snow and each other. All winter we've wanted to have some snow time, but there was never enough snow to do it, never snow sticky enough to build a snowman or pack into real snowballs. We haven't been tobogganing. We rarely ice skate. But today - today we spent real time playing in the snow. Afterward, we built a fire and made hot chocolate before getting back to work.

All in all a pretty good February day. Now I'm ready for April.

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