Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kitty Blog #30, By Nora T. Cat - Food Frustrations

I do not  understand people sometimes. I know they can tell the difference between the various parts of chicken.  Why then can they not tell my food from Gandalf's? 

My heart goes out to Gandalf, poor guy. His diet is so regimented, while I have food regularly available. And, of course, I appreciate that his needs have woken our people up to the idea that I should also get something more than the dry food available to me at all times. And yes, I do sometimes eat Gandalf's food, but only to tease him. He gets something annoyed when I do it, how can I not? What kind of sister would I be if I let that opportunity pass by? 

Gandalf's food is okay, but it's still DIET! My food is so much yummier. Generally, Jen puts my food out without incident. However, a few times a month, I find Gandalf's food in my bowl. Two weeks ago, when Jennifer did that, I followed her around telling her exactly what I thought of Gandalf's food until she returned to my private eating area and fixed the problem. The foods have very distinctive smells and tastes. The cans are different colours. I simply cannot understand how these mistakes get made!

Even worse, last week, Sean forgot to feed me at all. I went to his room to tell him so, and he was asleep. He can sleep through a hurricane, so no amount of talking or yelling will do any good. Knowing he rises first, I left him a message in the bathroom. My messages are usually so effective. My people always know exactly what I mean! Unfortunately, Jen was still up, and removed it. Sad. But I've had the right food every night since, and fresh linens too. So it worked either way.

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