Monday, December 11, 2017

A Woman Among Men - From my phone, written May 12, 2016

Today I am sitting in a fascinating study discussing doctor assisted death. Dr. Rabbi David Novack is teaching. Nine students sit in study - 8 men and me. I find I am fascinated by the idea that in 2016 I still sit as the only female Conservative rabbi in the GTA. 

I sit in the center of the table, clearly part of the group. I don't believe my colleagues think anything of the differences among us. Normally neither do I. But once in a while I am self conscious. I notice the difference, and it is me.

I am welcome. I am respected. I am included. Yet sometimes I am lonely. Without reason it appears. Perhaps it is a lack of common experience. These are my friends and colleagues, the people with whom I spend so much of my time. 


I always meant to finish this, but somehow it never happened. Still, I believe it's worth posting, worth sharing, worth saying (as it was) out loud.

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