Monday, December 11, 2017

Kitty Blog #??? August 2017

What a year?! Last June (2016), Nora started breathing like Darth Vader. (I'm a big Star Wars fan. If I had the force I could get to my food without opposable thumbs.) Anyway, long story short, she was very sick. Besides worrying about her, I really felt for her. I know what it's like to have to go in the car week after week. I hate the box. Nora's smaller, so it's not as bad, but it's still no fun. I get really worried when she doesn't come home overnight. I may pick on her. She is my sister after all, but what would I do without her. By July it was a lot better, but she still had to go to the hospital once a month for the whole year. She also had to take a pill every day. I don't mind that. They always put it inside a treat, and I hardly notice it, but Nora just eats around the pill. Jen has to give it to her every day. They both hate it. On the plus side, Jen feels bad and gives Nora treats. When I'm standing there, Jen feels guilty and gives me treats too! It's a pretty good deal as long as Nora stays healthy. 

Kids were gone for the summer. I miss them lots, but I also like the quiet. I don't have to worry about switching beds regularly so no one feels slighted. Jen doesn't mind when I lie across her. I like sleeping with her best. She cuddles without complaining. Then, in August, Jen went away. It was really too quiet, and there were fewer treats and table scraps. After a little time, Sean put both Nora and me in the car for a really, really, really, really, really long ride. It felt like it would never end. Sean opened the boxes, but I just hunkered down in a corner wishing it was over. Nora sat right in Sean's lap. She's a lot braver than me.

When it finally did, there was Jen! I was pretty pissed about the ride, so I hid under the bed to make them feel bad. After they were asleep, I lay down across Jen's legs. No point in me feeling bad. The room we were in was really small! There were great places I could jump, and I figured out how to get to Nora's food. That was pretty cool until I ate so much my stomach hurt, and I threw up all around the room. Then I did feel guilty, especially since Jen and Sean stopped leaving Nora as much food as she wanted after that. Sad.

After a couple of weeks Jen put us back in our boxes, then in the car. Another ride! It was awful. This time there were bags in the back. Nora perched right on top where she could look out the window. I can't understand how she can do that! The word moves by so fast. How does it do that? Jen held me for a little while, then I curled up at her feet. After forever, she picked me up. I looked out the side window. There were a lot of stores and lights. Things moved a little slower, but I don't think the outside world should move at all. Thank God we were home. I didn't know if we'd ever be home again. It was so good to have Jen and Sean back in our house and in our big bed. I snuggled right between them. That's how life should be.

This week everyone started packing again. It was mostly Jesse's stuff. Last time they did that he went away for a long time. I don't like that. Why do people travel so much. Don't they appreciate the wonderful house we have where we can all be together.

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