Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kitty Blog #29, By Gandalf the Gray- Lazy Shabbat

What a wonderful Shabbat! I really think it's my favourite day. It's a day filled with special food and lots of attention. After all, on Shabbat what else do my people really have to do but pay attention to me.

Friday night begins with the most wonderful smells. This week there wasn't a lot of tastes. Jennifer said something about too many onions and too much garlic not being good for me. It's cute the way they worry. They made up for it with an early night, so lots of cuddling for me. I must have slept 14 hours. Lunch was a delicious paella. Even the rice was yummy! At dessert Jennifer took food away from me again. This time it was something about chocolate. I am beginning to wonder if she makes this stuff up, either to keep me on my diet, or to keep the good stuff for herself. For now I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, she spent almost the entire day letting me sleep on her feet, her lap, her legs, and scratched my ears, my neck, my back, and my belly for hours on end. It's a mechaiya (the stuff of life)!

It's always sad when it has to end. Sunday is such a hectic day. There was some egg in the morning and a little chicken at night. Gavi and I ended the day with a shared bowl of cereal. But my people are just too busy for the belly scratches. I hope they know what they're missing. Jen's in bed now. I'd better go remind her!

Pleasant dreams.

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