Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kitty Blog #28, by Nora T. Cat

So much has happened since I last had the chance to write. It is so annoying when they leave the laptop closed. I simply cannot open it without opposable thumbs.

After a quiet weekend with Sean, Jesse came home. He still loves me. Perhaps he didn't leave on purpose, but was simply stuck in the computer. I don't understand how (or why) he gets in there, but I can see him, so I know he's there. I can only assume the others went away to magically free him. Then, suddenly, he was back in the computer. I do not know what evil magic is at play. I did not leave him another present. It was clear when he returned that, although my first gift was thrown away, he knows I love him. Maybe I will make him another when he returns. I wonder if he has done something terrible to warrant punishment in the computer. However, he seems generally happy when he speaks to us. I can only assume that it's bigger on the inside. Knowing Jesse to be a Dr. Who fan, that may be why he enjoys being in there so much.

Last week Gandalf's stomach was acting up again. It's simply no fun when that happens. First, I have to listen to him complain about the pills he has to take. If he'd just open his mouth it would be so much easier. After all, they are so little, not at all like the pills I had to take when I was sick. Those were horrible. Second, it is no fun to steal his food when he doesn't want it. I can just walk up to his bowl and eat it. He doesn't even care. What's the fun in that?! Third, he took to meowing in the night. That is my signature move. I take my socks out of Keren's room; go downstairs, and meow for the family to join me. I don't understand why they never do. 2:00 AM is the best sock playtime.

Speaking of socks, it is getting increasingly annoying that Jennifer keeps putting my socks back into the drawer in Keren's room. She stopped briefly, and I was able to move five pairs, but they she put them all back! I will never be able to get them all to the living room at this rate.

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