Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kitty Blog #29, By Gandalf the Grey

I just saw Nora's blog. She is so self-centred. It's all "me, me, me." What about ME? Doesn't she know it's all about me?!

I'm the one that was sick. First I threw up all the food I'd eaten, so I was starving. Then, even though I was starving, I felt I couldn't eat. It smelled good, but then I'd just feel nauseous. And Jennifer started giving me pills. I heard them talking, and they're going to continue to give me those pills forever! It's so not fair. Nora gets to eat anything, and she doesn't even care. Food is my life, and I am limited by my digestion.

I am feeling much better today. Sean and Jennifer still limited my food, so I'm still starving. I will waste away before this ends.

While I wait for my next meal, I have decided to sit upon the vent in the dining room. The spot gives such a great view of the yard. I can kept careful watch upon invading squirrels and birds, and the warm air blowing on my tummy is simply delightful.  Ahhhhh.

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