Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How'd That Get Here

I love winter.  But what I love about winter is snow, warm sweaters, and cozy fires.  I love making snowmen, wearing mittens, tobogganing, snowball fights, and eating icicles.  I enjoy skating and even shovelling the driveway and the sidewalk.  This is why I live where I do.  The temperature should hover just below freezing so all precipitation turns to snow.  This should be Toronto weather.  Unfortunately, this week it has been much colder.  Colder is not good.  When it is colder there is no snow, just biting wind.  I do not like that.

This morning I discovered another thing I do not like.  I waked out to my garage, hands full of bags for the car.  I needed to put the bags down to open the trunk.  However, upon entering the garage I discovered Lake Erie.  A small great lake had moved into my garage.  The water at the door had frozen, forming a bank of ice preventing any drainage.  There was no where to put the bags down, and worse, I stepped into two inches of water, ensuring a day of wet feet and pant legs.

As I felt the icy water creep up the back of my pant leg I thought, "Damn, I just stepped into Lake Erie."  How'd that get here?


  1. It more likely was Lake Ontario.

    - Your adoring spouse

  2. No. It was too small to be Lake Ontario.