Monday, January 21, 2013

Humans Plan and God Laughs

Since the start of January it's been one thing after another interrupting me at work and home, and keeping me from completing everything on my lists.  (Yes, I have lists, lots of lists.  They keep me organized.) There is clutter in my office.  There is clutter on my desk at home.  There is clutter everywhere.  I do not do well with clutter.  It distracts me.  The first week I was sick.  I'm still extremely hoarse, not recuperated although fully well.  The second week was our monthly Rabbinical Assembly meeting.  I am president, so I need to go.  The third week was the Toronto Board of Rabbis meeting.  At the end of last week I told my assistant, "Next week I'll be here all week... I hope.  I have no meetings planned.

Of course, as the saying goes, when humans plan God Laughs.  Yesterday Gandalf's eye started tearing.  No discharge beyond tears, but it didn't clear up.  This morning I called the vet.  We got a 9:00 AM appointment.  Turns out Gandalf has a very, very small scratch on his cornea.  How does a cat do that?  He currently hates me.  First I stuck him in a box.  Then I took him into the cold, followed by the car, the vet, back into the cold, back into the car, then... when we got home I put ointment into his eye.  He is unhappy.  Gandalf is the most docile cat ever.  He purrs at everything.  Today he hissed at me.  I didn't know he could make that noise.  Then, he growled at me for a while.

I finally got to work at lunchtime.  Oh well, there's always Wednesday and Thursday.

Hoping for a calm, relaxing night.

Night, night, sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite.

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