Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitty Blog 9, by Gandalf

I love the January thaw.  It was so annoying to go outside in the yard with all that white stuff on the ground.  It makes my paws so cold, and there's only so many times the people will open the door before they get lazy.  I'd have to pick my way around the yard trying to find the dry-ish edges, but usually there were few to be found.  I know it got cold again, but for now I am enjoying the snow-free grass.

Today was quite an adventure.  I was exploring Jen's garden when I was suddenly entangled in a net.  I believe it was the same net Jen used to catch tomatoes during the summer.  I don't know why the trap is still set.  I haven't seen a tomato in months, but there it was lying (hanging) in wait.  I don't know what happened.  It just reached out and grabbed me.  The more I tried to get free the tighter the net held.  Now I see why it works so well for the tomatoes.  Sean had to come help me out.  I hope Nora didn't see. She'd never let me forget it.

It was quite an adventure.  Sleep now.

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