Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitty Blog 11, by Gandalf The Grey

It got worse.  Today I awoke with my eye still tearing.  It's annoying.  I keep blinking.  The people keep wiping my face, which is almost as annoying as having the tears there.  Was it enough that I suffer alone?  No.  I was stuffed into a box, and taken into the horrible cold.  After a terrifying car ride (I hate the car), we arrived at the vet.  The office is pleasant and the people nice, but there is a bitchy clinic cat who even more full of herself than Nora.    I didn't see her, but she makes sure her scent is everywhere.  I could hear her laughing at me from the other room.  I'm sure even the people in the clinic don't like her.  The vet is kind, but Jen can just go to hell.  All my suffering is her fault.  She shoved me in the box.  She then took the box apart to remove me from the box, which was at least safe from the nasty clinic cat and anyone who might poke me.  Today was not a poking day, but the vet kept shining a light in my eye.  I already know it's a problem.  Why does he have to do that?!

Finally the ordeal was over.  Jen tried to pick me up but I hissed at her.  When the box was back together I climbed in with enough disdain so they knew I was not happy (although the vet sprayed something in my box, and it's really a happy place now).

Was that enough?!  NO!  When we came home Jen put some goopy stuff in my eye.  It feels better, but the humiliation is horrible.  I'm spending my day slinking around so the people know how miserable they make me, especially Jen!

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  1. Ellen Kruger-BloomJanuary 21, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    Bawhahaha! Best cat blog yet! "Jen can just go to hell"? Thanks for the laughs, I needed them. I hope Gandalf recovers quickly and likes you again.