Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's My Turn #14, by Nora T. Cat

Last week was the worst week ever.  My people were out almost every night.  On Friday night they just fell asleep early without paying any attention to me.  How can they do such a thing?!  Saturday night they didn't even come home.  They arrived home after 2:00 Sunday morning.  I bet they think I can't tell time.

I showed them.  First I left a second very special present in the cold room.  When that didn't get the attention I deserve I left another on their bath mat.  Then, when they finally came home Saturday night/Sunday morning Gandalf and I staged some midnight crazies.  We jumped on the bed, knocked things over, and generally made ourselves into a nuisance.  Bwahaha.  They seem to have learned their lesson.  Today Jen's parents went home.  It's nice to have extra people around to cater to me, but it's just not worth it when my people are so busy.  Jen has been cleaning and reorganizing since she came home from the airport.  She even bought me a new set of little fur mice.  I LOVE THOSE!  I guess my strategy works.  Tonight I plan on sitting on the keyboard while Jen types.

It's so nice to have my life back to its regular cycle.

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