Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's My Turn, by Nora T. Cat #12

My people have been traveling.  First Sean was gone for four days.  Then, when he returned, Jen and the kids left.  They returned, but the suitcases seemed repacked.  Jen's parents came with them, and they'll be here with us, but still, it's very disrupting when my people leave.  It's bad enough they leave the house most mornings.  I don't mind so much when they return with food, but most days there seems to be no purpose.  The leave only to pick up odd and interesting smells, but come home with nothing.  When they've been gone for an especially long stretch of day they don't even want to play when they return.  That's the worst.  Here I am, left with only Gandalf to entertain me.  It's so unfair.  At least this time they brought me extra people to pay attention to and indulge me.

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