Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's My Turn, By Nora T. Cat, #13

Okay, I was happy my people were home, and I am glad the suitcases appear to have gone away.  However, the people are hardly ever here.  The extras (Jen's parents) are left like Gandalf and me, alone and seemingly unloved for hours each day.  Jen's dad at least feeds me tuna and chicken and other yummy stuff yum!  Oh, but I am digressing and running on.  Sorry.

The kids are at school all day, and Keren doesn't come home until very late at night.  She's rehearsing for something.  I won't even get to see it, which is probably good since it would require a ride in the car.  I hate cars.  Again I digress.

Jen seems to always be on the run.  This was today...
    Get the kids up with Sean
    Make their breakfasts and their lunches.  Give them their vitamins (which look like treats to me.  Why don't I get a daily vitamin?!  Again...  Sorry.)
     Shoo kids out the door (Sean left with them)
     Run out the door.  Gone for 9 hours.
     Come home with Gavi.
     Stay home 10 minutes.  Leave with Jesse.
     Come home with Jesse.
     Stay 20 minutes.  Eat dinner.  It was chicken and some colored crunchy things.  She didn't even share.
     Leave again.
     Gone for almost 6 more hours.
     Return with Keren.
     They both went right to bed.

What about me?  Why is no one playing with me?  Why is no one feeding me?  I hate when they do this.  I think I'll poo in the corner of the cold room just to annoy them.

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