Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kitty Blog 13, by Gandalf the Grey

I love my life.  Jen stopped putting icky stuff in my eyes.  She & the kids were gone a few days, which was very sad.  But we got to make Sean crazy at night, which was good.  Now they're back, and they brought other people!  I love other people!  One of these people always gives my lots of extra food.  He seems to eat meat a lot, and likes to share.  Whenever he comes he sleeps on Gavi's floor, so there are a lot of comfy blankets for me to stretch out on.  This is also good.

I'm not so sure about that white stuff on the ground.  It's deep and sticks to my chin.  The other day it was so deep I was almost buried.  It was up to my belly and my chin, and falling on my head.  Thankfully it's stopped falling from the sky.  Maybe I can get out again soon.

Now if only Nora would stop eating my food....

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