Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Demise of My Nimrod Sandals, z"l

Twenty years ago Sean & I were spending our first year of marriage in Israel.  One of the first things we bought after moving into our apartment was a pair of Nimrod sandals for each of us.  This was my second pair of Nimrods.  I bought a pair in 1985 on USY Pilgrimage.  I wore that pair all summer, every summer for many years.  It lived a good life, but eventually fell apart.

I loved that pair of sandals, and so, a new pair was one of the first purchases I made when I returned to Israel.  I have worn those wonderful, biblical-style sandals from the first warm day of spring to the last warm day of fall for almost twenty years.  They have been my favorite sandals.  The wonderful thing about Israeli, biblical sandals is their versatility.  They go with jeans.  They go with shorts.  They go with slacks for work, and dressses for synagogue or a night out.  They can be worn for a nice evening or at the beach.  They are the most versatile footwear ever.

On Thursday my fav Nimrods met their demise.  The soles cracked, and flaked off.  In one hour my favorite Israeli sandals were no more.  I have a second pair, black, single strap, bought three years later, but they have never won my heart the way that pair I bought during my first year on marriage did.

On July 1 Sean & I will celebrate our 20th anniversary.  We are planning a trip back to Israel for July 2014.  We'll be running a tour for the first 11 days, followed by two weeks of family time.  The first moment I have, I'll be buying a new pair of brown, strappy, biblical, Israeli sandals to break in during those weeks in Israel.  I hope they'll last me another 20 years.

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  1. I think I have the exact same sandals and mine are just about to suffer the same fate as yours. If you find a place in Israel that will ship to the US please provide an update to this post with the address, phone, fax, email, whatever. Thanks so much, and have a great trip.

    Nancy Roslyn Rappaport